The eCommerce graduate programme is designed to give graduates a unique blend of technical and commercial experience. The eCommerce team at Dixons Carphone develops the website, from a user experience and development perspective to what propositions we have and how they look for our customers. It’s about being innovative with what we offer and making it easier for our customers to shop with us. They are responsible for the commercial return of our online platforms. The purpose of the programme will be to set up graduates with a holistic understanding of how eCommerce performance function operates and develop commercial specialists. The graduates would also have an accelerated learning plan supported by their graduate network, a social learning platform that supports a self-directed learning culture, mentors and planned development activities giving exposure to senior leaders and experience of high level projects.


Graduates will have a comprehensive and exciting induction into our business. They will get an overview into how the business works, meet with some senior leaders and start their development journey. Most importantly, they will experience what our customers experience by spending time in our retail stores, visit our largest distribution centre, experiencing our contact centres and delivering products to our customers’ homes.

Once they have completed their induction they will have a functional induction. This is where they will begin to build relationships with their network and stakeholders, begin to understand their objectives and understand the structure. You will also be given any technical training or development that will be required from the offset.


The graduates will have three rotations lasting eight months. Graduates will have a series of commercial rotations experiencing how the website is developed from a marketing perspective as well as how revenue is generated and profitability achieved. Graduates will also get experience across both the Dixons and Carphone Warehouse platforms enabling them to see how the whole function operates.

Potential rotations

eCommerce is a diverse area and graduates will have the opportunity to experience that across our Currys and Carphone Warehouse platforms. Working within the performance area of our eCommerce business Graduates can expect to experience Digital Marketing looking at how to market our products and services online, as well as Customer Journey Optimisation, and the development of products across our service. Grads will also have the opportunity to gain commercial experience with our Online Sales business in a trading role and how use data and customer insight within our operation.

End roles

Development doesn’t stop at the end of your programme. This programme is designed to pipeline digital talent across the eCommerce Function whether that be Digital Marketing, Online Trading or a more analytical role.