We’re one big melting pot and it’s a fertile environment for people who like to build relationships quickly and meet new people. It’s such a friendly, upbeat environment.

I’m on the correspondence team, working with customers to keep them in the loop about any enquiries they might have. Operating over emails is great because you get the chance to do a little bit of digging and try to resolve any queries before you get in contact with the customer - then, when you do talk to the customer, you’ve got all the answers there in front of you.

We get queries from right across Currys and PC World. We’ve got such supportive managers here, and they’re always on hand to offer advice and help you deal with the more difficult enquiries. It’s not just the managers either. Maybe sometimes it’s just people who’ve been there a little longer and know a little more than you do - there’s always someone to go to if you get stuck. I love those situations because every time you ask for help you learn a little more about the business.

I joined Team Knowhow as an Apprentice when I was 18, so not only have I been earning and working in a great team environment, I’ve been gaining a qualification in call centre operations too. The apprenticeship takes place within work hours, at the contact centre, so you don’t have to worry about taking anything home - when you finish work, you finish work.

I was given a mentor who’d drop into the contact centre for regular sessions where I got the chance to sit with them and chat about how things were going, what I could improve on and how I could improve it, which was really helpful.

It’s great being able to put everything you’re learning into practice and within Team Knowhow there’s lots of space for me to grow. I’ve already moved up from a ‘graduate’, which is two steps away from being a Specialist. You need to meet certain targets to get there and, like in the apprenticeship, we get meetings with our managers where we can go through everything that’s happening and work together to beat our targets and get ourselves onto the next rung of the ladder.

My plan is to work my way up the pathway and try to push myself as far as I can. But to be completely honest, right now I’m happy to be part of the customer correspondence team. I’ve been in this particular role for seven months so I’d like to stay here longer and concentrate on developing my knowledge. There’s a lot more I need to learn - and so many types of emails to respond to! - so it’s best if I just continue to learn, hit my targets and then we’ll see what happens.

I’d wholeheartedly recommend working at Team Knowhow and Dixons Carphone. So many people find themselves staying much longer than they were planning to because of the atmosphere and the relationships they build here. Students, school leavers, people who are about to retire… no matter who they are, you’ll be friends with them from the word go.

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