Tyrone’s proof of that. He swapped his career in banking for a life on the open road as one of our 7.5T Delivery and Install Drivers.

My previous job was in banking, in a high street branch. I really enjoyed it but over time I found myself taking more and more work home with me. I couldn’t switch off and eventually I decided it was time to do something about it, to make a clean break and try something completely different. I saw the Driver’s job advertised and I really liked the sound of mixing customer service with the chance to be out on the road.

I already had a 7.5T licence, but I still had plenty to learn, particularly when it came to installing the kind of tech we sell. The training and support I got was spot on. I learnt new skills that I really didn’t think I was capable of before coming here. The people here were really patient with me and it helped make the change of careers really smooth

I get a real buzz from seeing the smile on a customer’s face when the job’s done, and done well. Getting to spend that time with people is one of the big differences of being a driver here. But it doesn’t always start out with smiles. Everyone’s different and sometimes a customer might be having a bad day for all kinds of reasons. Those are the times you have to stay positive, make the customer feel comfortable and use everything you’ve learned about customer service to be the company’s best representative.

You’ll learn a lot of things here, customer service skills, how to be more aware of your surroundings when you’re on the road, how to plan ahead and react to the unexpected – like suddenly finding yourself stuck in London traffic for two hours. But my top tip is, whether you’re dealing with a customer or talking to a colleague, just treat everyone the way you’d like to be treated. And don’t think you need to know it all on day one, people here like to help.

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