What does the Customer Strategy team look after?

Peaking the full range of customers’ interests, spanning different locations, age and social groups. Sharpening up touch points between in store and online activity, and observing the impact of those actions.

A typical day involves…

Unpicking customer needs based on different locations, age groups and interests. The new nature of this business unit means there’s space to think about different approaches and processes.

Memorable moments here involve…

Transforming at pace. Being part of a new team that is evolving, learning and growing brings excitement to every day.

What is the goal?

Everyone in the team is working to sharpen the user journey and maximise each customer touch point. By looking and analysing gaps, the team work together to bridge, repair and improve the ongoing user experience. Changing the offer accordingly as they go.

Getting into Customer Strategy…

There are many areas and directions that you can take a career in Customer Strategy. As the unit is newly formed, there’s a lot of scope to get involved in our Acton Support Centre. Being part of the journey at this stage puts you in the best place to see results.

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