It’s fair to say working for Dixons Travel is unique. I’ve previously worked in retail and didn’t think it was for me. However, after joining Dixons Travel as a Peak Sales Consultant, I’ve definitely changed my mind, as I love working here. There were two things that really drew me to the job. The first was the fact that I was studying Photography and Dixons Travel gave me the chance to get hands on with the latest cameras and really develop my product knowledge. Additionally, I was at university and needed to make some money to support me over the summer and Christmas periods. Working at Dixons Travel gave me the opportunity to do both, and to be honest, I’ve enjoyed every minute of it.

Rubbing shoulders with the stars

As I’ve already said, working for Dixons Travel is unique, in a lot of different ways. I think the biggest difference is the fact that unlike high-street retail stores, you have the additional bonus of serving some well-known faces. I think the biggest celeb we’ve managed to spot so far is Usain Bolt. It certainly adds a bit of excitement to your day knowing that anyone could walk through the doors.

However, it’s not just stargazing that makes working at Dixons Travel unique. Being in an airport means the range of customers that come through the doors are so diverse, that they can really push you to grow your sales and customer service skills. Having people from different cultures and with different language barriers needing your insights can be challenging, but it makes things all the more satisfying when you can help them, knowing that you’ve just made their day that bit better.

Being busy builds the best

Joining Dixons Travel as a Peak Sales Consultant can be challenging but it’s also highly rewarding. Working peak times over summer means there are a lot more customers instore who need your attention. However, being that busy really brings the team together because the only way to succeed is to rely on your team mates. That unity and integration can really ensure that you’re all pulling together in the same direction and that you’ve got each other’s backs. I think one of the biggest highlights of my career here is the fact that I’ve made friends for life with many of my team and it’s rewarding knowing that you’re working with so many people who you can forge long lasting friendships with.

The other thing that makes working during Peak times rewarding is the flexibility. Working at Dixons Travel over the summer gave me the ability to earn some money for my next year of uni, but the role also gives you the flexibility to pick and choose when you work, so I still had the freedom of enjoying my summer without worrying about work getting in the way of my plans.

Despite the fact that I was only working during the peak seasons of the year, the experience has helped lay a solid foundation for my career, whilst helping me develop a lot of transferable skills. Dixons Travel is so committed to helping you learn and grow in your role - which is amazing considering you may only be there for a short stint of time. It really makes you appreciate the company and their commitment to providing opportunities for all of their staff in airports across the UK.

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