More than just a temp job

I think all university students will appreciate the conundrum that is the summer holidays. You’ve got a nice big break before you’re back hitting the books, but to really enjoy your time off it’s nice to earn some spending money too.

However, I consider myself among the lucky few who enjoy every single day in their role. Working for Dixons Travel has not only helped me to top up my bank account, but more importantly I’ve gained invaluable experience and knowledge whilst serving customers in a fast-paced and dynamic airport environment. The good news for anyone considering applying and joining in the fun is that the application process is simple. That process alone was such a nice change from spending hours applying for jobs and is a good indication of the whole culture at Dixons Travel.

Work, rest and play – lots of fun along the way

Sometimes working during summer can feel like you’re missing out on adventures with your friends. But working for Dixons Travel in such an energetic environment completely fills any void you might have otherwise felt. In addition to this, having such a flexible working schedule means I can earn as much as I want, whilst having the freedom to go out and enjoy my time off, as and when I want.

Even when I am working, it’s not your typical 9-5 role, with the store open from the early hours all the way through to late evening. It gives me the opportunity to squeeze as much as I can into a day. Not only that but working here really doesn’t feel much like work. I have a great relationship with all of my team, and whilst everyone is focused on hitting targets and earning their commission, you can guarantee there will be plenty of laughs along the way.

Customer conveyor belt

Outside of the team, the range of customers we get through the doors makes every day feel very varied. Being based in an airport means you really get to see a whole range of people, from different countries and cultures, which is not only great for building up your customer service skills, but really lets you experience the world without leaving the U.K.

Outside of the range of different customers we get, if you’re lucky, you might get to serve a star. All the staff here have plenty of stories about the stars they’ve managed to see as well as help. Personally, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting ex-England coach and Spurs star Glenn Hoddle which was awesome, as well as half of the TOWIE cast and Kevin McCloud from Grand Designs.

Short-term job, long term rewards

Whilst I’ll be back at uni by September, I can happily say that come Christmas I’ll be back working for Dixons Travel, and to be honest I’m already looking forward to seeing the team and store again. The best part about working during the summer, is that you are quickly thrown into a highly engaging environment. So, whilst others might have spent the entire summer sunning themselves, I’ve managed to have fun whilst learning a lot in a short space of time. Once uni is finished, I’ll have already built up a wealth of experiences that are only going to help me with whatever I choose to pursue in my career. With my initial impressions being so positive, I could well be back here at Dixons Travel.

If you’re looking for a flexible job this summer that offers more than the usual 9 – 5 as well as the chance to earn great commission, then click here to see our Summer Airport roles for Dixons Travel.