Working as a seasonal temp for Dixons Travel has been really great fit for me personally, especially whilst studying for my degree at university and thanks to the great experience I’ve had during this time, I decided to stay on. Right now, I’m not only building valuable work skills that will set me up for a solid career in the future, but I’m also gaining a great deal of confidence, which I felt I was most definitely lacking before I joined.

Like most students, I found that money was a rare commodity, so finding a peak role at Dixons Travel seemed the perfect answer to solve my financial predicament whilst learning a bit more about the retail industry. I’ve always had a passion for technology, and Dixons Travel has helped me develop my knowledge base when it comes to tech by letting me get hands on with all the products and learning from everyone around me. After all, you can’t sell at Dixons Travel if you don’t know what you’re selling.

High Security Community

One of the biggest surprises I had when I joined Dixons Travel was how much the staff, not just in our store but the entire airport, are one big community. In a place where the security is tight, it was brilliant to see that everyone knows each other, making it feel like a family. That applies even more to the team at Dixons Travel, who from day one have been friendly and helpful, making me really feel at home.

One of the challenges working for Dixons Carphone is the level of knowledge and information that you find yourself retaining. Customers will ask you a million and one questions about any and every product in the store therefore being keen to learn and having an interest in tech will mean you are able to offer them the best advice.

The good news is that everyone in my store is so supportive and helpful. Whenever I want to know about a product for a customer or just expand upon my own product knowledge, the team can’t do enough to help provide information and insights on everything in-store. You really develop a comprehensive knowledge of tech and new innovations in the market, so it’s a great place to work if you’re one of those people that always wants to stay ahead of the latest trends.

Around the world in 80 customers

If you have a passion for people, there’s no better place to work than at Dixons Travel. Working in an airport during peak means that the customers coming through our doors are from a huge range of cultures, countries and backgrounds. No two days are ever the same, because no two customers are the same and you don’t tend to see your typical everyday customer, like a high street retailer does. It brings its own challenges, but those challenges are brilliant learning opportunities. Trying to serve a customer when there is a language barrier can be tricky, but it leaves a massive smile on your face when you overcome it and see the customer leaving after having had a positive experience. Being exposed to these challenges has taught me so many life lessons that I will help me in my career as well as in my personal life.

Working at Dixons Travel has been a real eye-opener, but I could definitely picture myself staying here longer, as there are plenty of opportunities to progress throughout the company. The role has taught me so much, from tech to teamwork, and whatever I do after I’ve completed my degree, it’s provided the perfect foundation for the future.

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